Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The impetus

When MetaTalk gets to be too much, I click through to user profiles and search for web-pages. I thought about logging the results for a while, a la mjj's list of good user sites, or lh's list of resources around the web, but, as usual, I was too lazy to get started. It was only after finding the serendipitous genius of the link farm at electrobacon [dot] com, via dgfitch's profile (user #89, six comments total, no posts, last comment 2/16/01), that I decided to give it a go. Electrobacon is something only madlibs or spam could produce.

It's a big user base, somebody has to do it.

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Josh Millard said...

I think you are dead on with this:

I think scattershot is the best method to maintain my interest and foster the serendipity of stumbling discovery.

Systematic is nice if you have a really, really good reason to be systematic. If not, it's just burnout wrapped in a pretty sweater.