Wednesday, February 21, 2007—my most consistent MeFi User Site read.

One of Jessamyn's (User #292) personal sites,, is the personal website I read most frequently on all the web. The whole wide world wide, web. Partly that's because Jessamyn is a friend of mine, partly that's because I don't really read personal websites. I include that caveat because she doesn't update her site that often, so I don't actually read it that often. A couple of times a week.

But ok, how is it as a site? It's pretty great. The design is top-notch: simple but loaded with information for the clicking. I like the Flickr and delicious streams, and the header is a good size and color (which sounds like faint praise, but isn't). Jessamyn is a good writer, so her entries are fun to read and informative without being overly personal or trite. (Her recent disquisition on the levels of her boots was great.) It is an unabashedly personal site, so if you don't care about her, you're unlikely to really like the site that much.

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