Saturday, February 24, 2007

nanojath—The Fairly Secret Song of the Day Blog

nanojath (User #18794) has a blog, which is Fairly Secret, on which he posts a song a day (just about). It's a bit hard for me to evaluate some of these lyrics without actually hearing them as songs. I do like the pastoral Sick, Weary, and And Necessity is cool because it explains the whole project (and you can hear the song at MeFi Music, his song Jonestown on MeFi Music is also quite good, but I can't find the lyrics on his blog). I like The Inspector, and Babel, too. nanojath is taking part in the RPM challenge this year, and says that he's maybe going to put his blog on hiatus in March.

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scrivener said...

To clarify a couple things - what I'm currently blogging is my first daily writing project, which I did between 1998-2001 and was a total of 1001 consecutive lyrics.

I am engaged in a new project now, I just wrote song #665 (gulp) and will blog that eventually. The stated goal of that project is 10,000 consecutive songs after which I plan to be old and die. How often I blog bears no relationship on how often I write (I get behind some times but catch it up, so far I am up to date, the new project is 665 days old, in other words).

The RPM album songs (I just finished recording, it's horrible) are my daily lyrics from February 1-23.

Most of the lyrics have never been put to music. A few have a definite melody in my head but have never been recorded. There are also a number of recordings that have not been blogged yet because I haven't got to them - that's why lyrics for Jonestown, Obsession (my contribution to the MeFi Comp CD) and Magic Bullet are not yet on the blog.

I'm not sure how well the site works as any sort of "regular reader" because as OmieWise notes, many are hard to grasp without music and (given the nature of the thing) many are just plain not good, and there are many strange experiments to boot. I think of it as a nice link to tuck away somewhere in your bookmarks, and you can visit it from time to time when you feel like reading something weird. Which is partly why it's fairly secret, though I've obviously screwed that up.