Wednesday, February 21, 2007


A post about peacay's (User #770) site, BibliOdyssey, should have definitely come directly after the Matt & Jessamyn posts. It's a beautiful site about the book arts, lovingly curated and stunningly presented. peacay uses a standard Blogger layout to its best advantage. The truth is, there's something about his site that intimidates me. It shows too much excellence, it gives me a little bit of vertigo at the material that I know I don't have enough time to do justice to. I should look at it more! (I made a post about it at MetaFilter, a little while after he started it.)

It's hard to recommend any particular post, as they're all so excellent, but this week I was struck by the Erik Nitsche post.


John C. Ralston said...

peacay made a post about my Hamline drawings something like six months ago. It was a huge honor to have my little drawings up there with all those beautiful book pages! I know exactly what you mean about the site being intimidating.

pk said...

It's interesting you guys say 'intimidating' for that's exactly what I hoped it wouldn't be (unless you mean in a blog structure, output sense).

I figured that a chunk of imagery with a bit of background would make some obscure amazingness more accessible, if anything.

Heh. It's ok. I appreciate the commentary!

OmieWise said...

Well, it's just so damned good, about such good content, that it feels like to do it all justice would require at least that all my internet time was spent there.

pk said...

to do it all justice would require at least that all my internet time was spent there.

And? So?


brundlefly said...

I'm a big fan, myself.

Horace Rumpole said...

Wow, I never realized peacay=BiblioOdyssey. You do awesome work, pecay.