Wednesday, March 7, 2007

cortex—Josh Millard Speaks!

cortex (User #7418) Josh Millard Speaks! WTF can I say? I've been avoiding reviewing his site, I've had this post in draft for two weeks, but now he's a mod and I guess I can't avoid the matter anymore.

I mean, certainly you must pay attention to cortex's RPM Challenge album (the David Bowie song is a masterpiece!), and what MeFite doesn't know about 88 lines (here is where I say how disappointed I was not to get a mention). The problem is that this page is just the tip of the cortex media empire, and it's all great! Check his side bar for his other sites, although my current favorite, Pen and Inklings, isn't yet listed.

What I'm trying to say, without being coy, and with too many words, is that JM's website is the model for project driven quality websites. Absolutely fabulous.

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Josh Millard said...

Kind words, sir. Thanks.