Wednesday, March 7, 2007


gnfti (User #20191) a self-described Child of the Eternal November has several websites. I can't review his Dutch blog, as I don't speak dutch, and his music recording blog seems a bit stalled, but Wolkenvelden looks like it's still going strong. (The index page is really quite nice.)

I'll admit that I've been dreading reviewing it, precisely because I like the songs and the attitude so well. Any bio page that begins

If 2006 were 1920, and Holland were Ireland, Paul Hunt would be drunkenly strolling along the banks of the Liffey, taking off his hat for beautiful women and turning his Dublin encounters into brilliant, unintelligible prose
is alright by me, even if it smacks a bit of heresy. This website is one that I always wish were updated more frequently, because I like it so well.

I'm not sure if my favorite gnfti song is on his site, but you can catch it at Aural Times, it's about a letter, and the Swedes, and serendipity and redemption. But it's better than that.

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