Wednesday, June 27, 2007


tking's (User #6426) kinghamilton is a slideshow of fashion photos. It's nice.


obedo (User #11588) has a link blog called XTEZE that he updates fairly frequently with interesting stuff mostly centered around the sciences. There are also some decent programming resources. It's all pretty transparent. And check out his cool, texture-centric, Flickr stream.


gregorg's (User #18194) is a great site about (mostly) modern art and film and video. His reviews and observations are well-presented and interesting, and he's got some real gems (like an interview with Errol Morris). I like that today when I came across the site the lead article was about the Richard Serra show at MOMA, as I've been sending out a series of postcards commemorating Tilted Arc lately. This is a website worth spending some time reading, but it isn't light or quickly digested.


christine (User #639) has a sweet little website called maganda. I like the design, which isn't a surprise, as she also runs Darling design & illustration. The nicest parts of her website are her link to her Flickr stream, and her intermittent and brief blog.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

AccordionGuy -- the Adventures of AccordionGuy

Joey deVilla (User #15623) got a little famous this week for his Craiglist wedding post and follow-ups (here) but he's been around and blogging since November 2001, practically the blogging stone ages. You can browse by categories such as accordion instrument of the gods or possibly just the accordion category which has one post with this excellent photo. With 5,000 posts, you might need the Best Of page to help you find some more good stuff.