Sunday, August 12, 2007

woodblock100 --

woodblock100 (User #53371) has one of the nicest looking user sites I've seen since I started this blog. David Bull is a woodblock printmaker living in Tokyo. His blog shows off his work (too many examples to list, but I like the scroll project and the Hanga Treasure Chest). David also has a woodblock webcam and a lengthy subsite about the progression of his work.


Dave Bull said...

Jessamyn, thanks very much for the kind words, and the links to the site!

Being a relatively new member of MeFi (although I lurked for quite a few years), I feel a bit embarrassed by the attention ... But glad that members seem to be appreciating the stuff I've made.

Anyway, thanks again to you guys for all your work keeping MetaFilter running smoothly!


Anonymous said...

Dave is awesome. I subscribe to one of his print collections years ago and found him to be a charming person to communicate with--and his site is great.

peacay said...

I remember finding David's site when I started mine but it was a bit overgrown and kind of all over the place (to find stuff anyways). But now it's a really great resource and lives among my perma-links.