Sunday, September 30, 2007

Greg Nog --

Greg Nog (User #36852) draw comics. I heard about his site during the podcast where the thread about his comics about him being a host at Olive Garden were discussed. If you like the powersuit comic, you'll love this page where you can dress Greg Nog. He does other comics too.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bazman—They Should Die

Bazman (User #5926) has made no comments and no posts at MetaFilter, and his site is a link farm. But I'm desperately curious about what it once was since the title They Should Die has me hooked. Ah ha, apparently it was a place where you could vote about wanting certain celebrities to die. The banner is a Great Leap Forward style propoganda poster. Meh.

bigdumbHoosier—big eastern

bigdumbHoosier (User #2792) has a very comprehensive blog about Indiana environmental issues called big eastern. The reporting is good and the writing is also decent. He only ever made one comment at MetaFilter, that closes a thread about the bursting of the dot com bubble.


seawallrunner (User #18854) is a mefite I first became aware of because she sent me a cd I liked during a cd swap. I looked at her website and discovered that she does the same kind of running I do. Her photo blog is filled with gorgeous landscape shots of backcountry vistas. It's well worth spending some time looking at what she's posted (I particularly like this snowy shot of dawn).

jurczyk—joe jurczyk

jurczyk (User #51113) has a simple website where he posts brief links and descriptions to things which interest him. Most of the items are tech items. I came across his user name randomly, and was excited because I recognized his name from running stuff. He's the RD for a race I almost did in August, and which several of my friends did. There's one other MeFi ultrarunner that I know of, seawallrunner. That makes at least three.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

ewagoner—Kestrel's Nest

ewagoner's (User #1387) blog Kestrel's Nest is infrequently updated these days, but it's worth spending at least the three minutes there that it would take to watch his delicious video on making North Georgia Beef Stroganoff. The video is a demo for The Next Food Network Star, and I really hope he gets onto the show. He manages to be both engaging about local food, and informative enough that I could imagine making the recipe.

Friday, September 14, 2007

TheLastPsychiatrist—The Last Psychiatrist

TheLastPsychiatrist (User #46425) publishes a refreshing website called The Last Psychiatrist. I like many of the small essays he writes. Psychiatry, at least the many psychiatrists that I work with regularly (at a very well respected teaching hospital which prides itself on its Department of Psychiatry), suffers from both an inferiority complex and an undeserved self-assurance. Many psychiatrists don't seem to take the time to read or understand the literature central to their field; and, much worse, they frequently don't take the time to understand patients, relying on fuzzy and unproven notions about the biology of mental illness. In general, the epistemology of psychiatry is so muddled that psychiatrists don't even seem to have the conceptual tools necessary to seriously think about mental illness and mental health treatment. (There are many reasons for this muddle, and I don't think it's ill-intentioned, but that's a discussion for a different sort of blog.)

TheLastPsychiatrist's website, is quite good, even if I don't agree with everything that he writes. Sometimes his tone is a bit reductive and dismissive, but that seems to be mostly a symptom of his general frustration. His essay from July about Seroquel does a great job of describing why failing to understand a medication's mode of action means that doctors prescribe it incorrectly. His essay on what the Number Needed to Treat is and why it's important is great (here's a similar essay from Slate last year), and I quite like his longer essay on the future of psychiatry "The Massacre of the Unicorns." Although most things on the site are worth reading, his analyses of medication studies and trends in psychiatric diagnosis and prescribing are very strong.

(I saved this in draft as I was writing it, to see an actual patient for actual psychotherapy, and an essay on his site got posted to the front page.)

Thursday, September 6, 2007


jscalzi (User #15351), another MeFi SF author, John Scalzi, has a long, long standing personal website called, Whatever. It's a good site, filled with everything from discussions of his books, to pictures of his dogs. It's hard to pin it down, and it certainly deserves a visit.

I only went to Whatever after spending a lot of August reading several of Scalzi's novels. I loved them, I thought they were great, and I can't wait to read more. I wrote him to say so, and he never wrote back.

cstross—Charlie's Diary

cstross (User #20966) is the username of the SF writer Charlie Stross. His mefi page points to a blog that hasn't been updated in a year, but that's just because he forgot to update his profile to point to his new blog url. His Published Fiction page points to a lot of free stories on the web, and if you poke around you can get to the site for his novel Accelerando!, where you can download that whole novel for free.

I've read a bunch of Stross stories, and two of his novels. The first (Singularity Sky) I picked up off a sale rack in Brussels on a whim, and I loved reading such an excellent book about which I had known nothing.

jennydiski—Jenny Diski

jennydiski (User #56747) is a British author who has a pretty standard author's website. It's well designed and shows the many praises she has received for her eight novels and several books of non-fiction. The Recent Journalism section has a couple of book reviews to read, including one of a biography of Martha Freud, and there are a few interviews, too. It's neat that she's a Mefite.

(She also happens to live with Ian Patterson, whose translation of Finding Time Again is fabulous, and made my last reading of Proust more fun.)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

stavrosthewonderchicken --

stavrosthewonderchicken (User #2238) seems like he'd be a hardass, but he's mostly an expat softie with a keen design sense and a tendency towards good writing. His profile URL is but that's just a portal page to his main blog at his Korea clearinghouse at OutsideInKorea and this site which is a great URL but with very little content at the moment and this which is mysterious but great. Those of us who were around the site in 2002 remember his site acutely for his reporting on the Bali bombing that killed his friend Rick and his poignant remembrance of that event a year later.