Friday, November 23, 2007

Danae Shell -- Knickersblog

ukdanae (User #38639) is the editor of Knickers, a lingerie weblog. I have actually never seen a lingerie weblog before. This one has great photos -- yes, of women in their underwear -- and a crisp clean design. The writing is informative, a little funny but not always-on-ribald. There's even a subsection of the site called "Ask Knickers" with questions about bra sizing and tracking down tough to find underwear. While the photos may be strictly speaking NSFW, Knickers is full of solid information on good underwear.

Joshua McFadden - Mindsound

mindsound (User #63168) is pretty new. Actually he's been a member since... Monday of this week. But I just peeked at his eponymous blog which seems to have posts from April and November of this year and saw that he and his wife are pregnant. Congrats mindsound and welcome to MetaFilter!