Monday, June 30, 2008

Bård Edlund—edlundart

edlundart (User #10322) hangs out in the MeFiMusic backwaters a lot, and Bård's website showcases his music alongside his other artistic outlets--photography and poetry included. But it's his digital images and illustrations that stand out--mostly very tactile-looking, geometric, featureless bendy people, posed in various ways among simple, stark backdrops. There are also a few wordless comix featuring these people. The miscellaneous section of the site also yields a couple of gems: Bård has designed a double-heeled stiletto and a thong with f-holes! (F-holes as in like what's on a violin.) In his bio, we learn that Bård is "pronounced 'Board,' or yes, 'Bored.'" [Insert your own pun about boredom leading to creativity here.]

The design is pretty no-nonsense, sans bells-n-whistles, sometimes mildly frustrating as options for navigation are found in tiny fonts at the bottoms of some pages; but that was easy to spot after a few clicks.