Monday, July 7, 2008

Alison Conard—Voodoo Economics

nosila (user #60765) has a website that... that... well, what does it do? Nothing that I can control, it seems, but it's a screenfull of spooky, shifting imagery and random echoey bleats of musical snippets. The figures and the sounds seem to respond to mouse motion, and clicking on the absurdist words and sentences in the upper left corner only exacerbate the situation. It's quite disorienting; I feel sorta dizzy and oogy. The only meaningful words on the screen are "Download Album." So I click on that, and the site spits out a .zipped album, by her band Voodoo Economics, which turns out to be actually quite interesting and quirky and snakey--and Alison has a cool voice! To think I almost missed this music due to frustration at the artsiness/incomprehensibility of the containing website. Afterward, I notice further down on nosila's mefi profile page that there is a warning: "creepy, uncanny sounds play automatically." d'oh!

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