Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paul G. Hunt (revisited)—Electicker 2008

goodnewsfortheinsane (user #20191) was last profiled on this blog about 16 months ago, but has since added a website to his arsenal, and it's a doozie. Electicker 2008 aggregates just about anything you can find on the web about the 2008 US presidential election into convenient categories (a poll-ticker, videos, metamedia, blogs, podcasts, twitters, flickrs, wingnuts, just to name a few), all in real time. It's pretty easily skimmed or scanned—still, it's mind-boggling, the amount of stuff there is.

And here's the GoogleTranslation portal into his personal Dutch-language website. It seems to be about music, mostly.

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Paul Hunt said...

Oh machine translations, why must you always be so hilarious!?

Thanks for the mention, not_on_display.