Monday, July 21, 2008

Logan Ingalls—

Plutor (user #17646) is MetaFilter's Greasemonkey Script Guru.'s front page has a very MeFi-ish feel, chock full of links to interesting stuff, sprinkled with flickrs and twitters, sorted by date. Clicking on the "Photos" tab leads to... whaaaaat?! 404'd?! Oh Plutor... oh my... **shaking head sadly** Anyway, moving right along, there's a tiny fiction section that leads you to community-type fiction sites, a section on the history of Logan's web-presence, a place where he lists his computer hardware (circa 2006), his resumé, and finally, a brash statement on the contact page that Plutor does not fear spam!!

Mmmmm, steak.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paul G. Hunt (revisited)—Electicker 2008

goodnewsfortheinsane (user #20191) was last profiled on this blog about 16 months ago, but has since added a website to his arsenal, and it's a doozie. Electicker 2008 aggregates just about anything you can find on the web about the 2008 US presidential election into convenient categories (a poll-ticker, videos, metamedia, blogs, podcasts, twitters, flickrs, wingnuts, just to name a few), all in real time. It's pretty easily skimmed or scanned—still, it's mind-boggling, the amount of stuff there is.

And here's the GoogleTranslation portal into his personal Dutch-language website. It seems to be about music, mostly.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Alison Conard—Voodoo Economics

nosila (user #60765) has a website that... that... well, what does it do? Nothing that I can control, it seems, but it's a screenfull of spooky, shifting imagery and random echoey bleats of musical snippets. The figures and the sounds seem to respond to mouse motion, and clicking on the absurdist words and sentences in the upper left corner only exacerbate the situation. It's quite disorienting; I feel sorta dizzy and oogy. The only meaningful words on the screen are "Download Album." So I click on that, and the site spits out a .zipped album, by her band Voodoo Economics, which turns out to be actually quite interesting and quirky and snakey--and Alison has a cool voice! To think I almost missed this music due to frustration at the artsiness/incomprehensibility of the containing website. Afterward, I notice further down on nosila's mefi profile page that there is a warning: "creepy, uncanny sounds play automatically." d'oh!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Nicholas Genes, MD, PhD—Blogborygmi

borborygmi's (user #19030) Blogborygmi is subtitled, "A digest of developments in the life of an emergency medical resident." Which is funny because borborygmus (n. pl. -i) is the SAT word for stomach-growling-sound. Hence, a "digest." ahem. It's also apt that his latest entry has to do with the physiological side of competitive eating. The rest of the blog does what it says on the bottle, and more.