Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Christopher L. Jorgensen—

cjorgensen (user #59453) follows in the same great tradition as Lazlo Toth, satirically typing and mailing actual letters in an enthusiastic, friendly persona. Who do these letters go to? Corporations, cultural icons, pills, the Care Bears... and many more. The site is intended to explore the ensuing correspondences, but it seems he gets way fewer replies than Lazlo Toth ever did. Still, cjorgensen's initial volleys are pretty funny.

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Christopher L. Jorgensen said...

Thanks for the showcase.

As to the response rate, I blame Toth for ruining it for the rest of us! Corporations are a bit more savvy than they were when he was writing (like in the Nixon era).

When Lazlo was writing letters to world dictators, disgraced presidents, and Mr. Bubble Bubble Bath, it was a more innocent time. There wasn't this new and popular search engine called "ggogle" (have you heard of it, it's pretty cool!), and finding out things about people wasn't as easy as clicking an "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.

Lazlo wasn't running a website. He didn't get email or twits from his intended targets letting him know the jig was up!

It's a bit harder these days. I try.

Christopher L. Jorgensen